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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thank you and goodbye

Well it was a good season for us, but sadly we will not be returning to the Levent this year.
The rent is too high, the tour operator payments are too low and with the economic problems in Europe we feel it is too risky to open the hotel again.

We had some wonderful guests, a few not so wonderful and a few who were downright horrid - thankfully not many. Overall our TripAdvisor comments were good and the tour operators had very positive feedback from the guests. During the course of the season we rose from the bottom of the tour op 'league table' up about 20 places, which was great because some of the ratings were about things the hotel did not have and therefore could not be rated on.

I have no idea who will be running the hotel this year. It is up for rent again (at an even higher rent than we paid), so its likely the old owners will be back.

Thanks to all you guests out there who have phoned and emailed asking if we will be back again next year. I am sorry that we wont be.

We made some great friends this year and many guests still keep in touch and let us know their news.

I have continued to make jewellery and the range has increased and improved . We intend renting a little shop in Fethiye next to the Mulberry Tree Cafe and run a small gift shop this year. Look out for us if you are coming to Fethiye this year, there'll be a cuppa waiting for you. I will be setting up a blog/website for this later, you can check back here for the link when it is ready. It would be lovely to see you.

Rosie and Pob are well and have been enjoying the winter eating and sleeping and not much else. Pob is as big as Rosie and I swear weighs more. The winter lifestyle has suited him.

Good luck to all of you. Thank you for your support, goodwill and custom.

Best wishes
Lynda and Yakup

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